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TTM Refund & Repair services help you better serve your customers, increasing customer satisfaction while lowering costs and reducing vandalism, fraud and abuse.


Increase profit by choosing TTM Refund and Repair services.

Ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and reduce payphone vandalism.


TTM Refund and Repair services are a part of a comprehensive coin-less service product line that can add revenue, cut costs and deliver significant improvement to your company's bottom line.


Refund & Repair Services

TTM Refund & Repair services deliver the highest levels of service and satisfaction to both the PSP and the payphone user. Day and night, our courteous operators promptly answer calls and assist payphone users seeking help.

In the event that coins are lost by the caller, the operator can facilitate courtesy calls. This customer-centered solution delivers the highest level of customer satisfaction and reduces payphone vandalism.

The details of each refund/repair call are made available to the PSP in real time through TTM's revolutionary online reporting system.

  • Dedicated, professional operators provide live support 24/7/365
  • Bilingual operators assist non-English speaking callers
  • Caller's perception of the payphone problem is discussed and recorded
  • Complimentary, courtesy calls available to callers who have lost coins.
  • Comprehensive, subscriber-definable anti-fraud and abuse controls.
  • Call details provided in real time through TTM's Internet reporting system
  • Download data and automate trouble ticket and refund processes
  • Easy setup and automatic routing of refund/repair calls
  • Access provided via toll free number, eliminating 1+ charges
  • No setup fees or ongoing monthly minimums, just a low, low per-call fee
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Technical Support Manager
  • Ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction 24/7/365 with the expert assistance of TTM's refund/repair operators
  • Gain an insight into potential payphone problems by reviewing problems perceived and reported by the caller
  • Proactively monitor your payphone network, identify potential service issues and resolve them quickly and effectively.
  • Develop route management by accessing refund/repair information in real time and incorporating results into current work schedule.
  • Automate refund processes and trouble ticked production by downloading data from ADS, TTM's online reporting program.
  • Enjoy comprehensive protection from potential fraud and abuse.
  • Save money with our low, low per-call fee for service.
  • TTM Operator Services enable you to receive the highest levels of commission while maintaining fair call charges to the end-user.
  • TTM 1+ services provide world-class long distance services at unprecedented rates. Save even more by using TTM's T1 service.
  • TTM Local Service provides tried, tested and proven local telephone service at considerable savings.
  • TTM offers consulting services in virtually every aspect of the public communications arena. Benefit from our many years of experience in manufacturing, network operations, business management, software design and development, technical services and sales and marketing.
TTM Refund and Repair service is available in conjunction with Talk Too Me Operator Services. The service can be accessed from any location in the domestic United States.