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Talk Too Me Operator Services

Do you want to earn more money starting today?.

Talk Too Me’s Discount Operator Service is HUGE for the consumer and our SmartPSP™! 

Talk Too Me provides guaranteed discount call rates to consumers via multiple options that are provided at each payphone, hospitality site, inmate facility, or halfway house.

All callers can place calls to all land lines, all cell phone numbers, all IP Broadband lines, and the majority of International land lines, cellular and IP Broadband lines.

Callers can dial:             1.866.866.CALL (2255),    1.877.HI.MOM.DAD (1.877.446.6632), and     *XX

All calls billed using these Nationwide discounted call numbers will provide “Savings Up To 50%” under the call rates of other Operator Services call rates.

These numbers:             1.866.866.CALL (2255),    1.877.HI.MOM.DAD (1.877.446.6632), and     *XX

are advertised Nationwide…and continue to be used by callers in every state…every day!  The discount call rates have been consistent for years and are valued as a great calling solution for callers worldwide; moreover, specific to our customers, this service to your business has been proven to increase Payphone Services Providers commissions month after month, year after year!

We have the leading proven signage that will work for you today.  Simply call our Sales team and request your commission plan and begin taking advantage of new revenue on your entire payphone or hospitality service!

Our philosophy of integrating the best in people, processes and systems has ensured our success and positioned us as the leader in the coin-less service industry.  Here is part of what you receive when you team with Talk Too Me:

  • Dedicated Account Manager and Technical Support Manager
  • Highest possible commissions paid on time, every time
  • Proven processes ensure highest call completion rates
  • Maximize call completions and commissions with I-Reach™
  • Advanced network delivers ultimate reliability through self-healing SONET ring technology
  • SS7 access speeds call processing and prevents Intralata call “stripping”
  • Multi-lingual operators assist non-English speaking callers
  • Credit card, calling card, collect, person to person and third party billing
  • International calling to virtually any country
  • Comprehensive online reporting of all call traffic, commissions, etc.
  • Dr. Doppler™ automated surveillance system pro-actively monitors your account and warns when anticipated volumes are not met
  • Complimentary support for all major manufacturers equipment.
  • Fair call charges to end-user.
  • Receive the highest possible commissions including PIF (when allowable)
  • Get the right answers, right away from your team of TTM representatives
  • Develop repeat business through excellent service and fair call charges
  • Convert previously unbillable calls into completed calls and new profit with TTM's I-Reach service
  • Proactively monitor your entire network to gather financial, operational and technical insight with TTM's ADS online reporting system.
  • Increase revenue with TTM's proven payphone signage program.
  • TTM offers consulting services in virtually every aspect of the public communications arena. Benefit from our many years of experience in manufacturing, network operations, business management, software design and development, technical services and sales and marketing.

Talk Too Me Operator Services can be accessed from virtually any location in the domestic United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.