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The TTM I-REACHTM billing platform allows the billing of collect calls to the debit/credit card of the called party, increasing the number of completed calls, and allowing you to receive commissions on calls that otherwise would have been abandoned.

Huge losses to all PSPs that bill Collect Calls to a Cell Phone Bill instead of I-REACH™ !

“Two things you MUST know about “collect calls billed to cell phone bills” and the negative impact the service has on a PSP’s & ISP’s business.”

Payphone Service Providers (PSP) not using I-REACH™ are losing as much as 40% of Operator commissions! Last year, PSP’s not using Talk Too Me received a notice from their Operator Service Provider (OSP) promoting a new collect call billing option “collect calls billed to cell phone bills.” The OSP suggested that collect calls billed to cell phone bills could not be billed to the traditional LEC; therefore, they now had the “new” capability to bill "collect calls to cell phones", to the actual Cell Phone carrier. And as we warned, PSPs have lost a lot of OSP commissions as a direct result! On the surface (to an uniformed PSP) this subject is confusing, although the premise is appealing. BUT, the difference with Talk Too Me’s Operator Services commission to all PSPs is a HUGE difference!

With IREACH™ the PSP’s OSP commission for these same calls is between 3 to 6 times more. Example: If another OSP pays a commission for these calls of $2.50...TTM pays $7.50 to $15.00 per call.

With I-Reach™ we can process any call that is unbillable by traditional methods, including calls to all cell phones, all pre-paid cell phones, calls to VoIP numbers, calls to any CLEC, as well as, calls to virtually all International countries. Moreover, Talk Too Me pays you the same commissions and PIFs as usual! Yes, other OSP make big claims, but Talk Too Me proves by its superior commissions and greater number of billable calls the strengths of I-Reach™ in two simple points.

  • First, collect calls to cell phone bills are limited by cellular carrier, they are price capped and do not include International collect calls as I-REACH™ does.

  • Second, IREACH™ commissions are paid immediately as opposed to other OSPs which pay many months later. Also, collect call charges to cell phone bills are discounted! Yes, discounted and so are the commissions paid to PSPs.

So why does an OSP prefer you to “buy” into this billing? Probably, because they make more money! With I-Reach™ we apply the standard call charges, PIFs and…pay the full commission! AND – with the next commission check – no waiting around for others to get paid or not by the wireless carrier. These are the facts. And just one BIG reason among many other BIG reasons to use Talk Too Me: We ensure success and the most revenue to your business! I-Reach™ is not only a “must use” billing method, but with Talk Too Me I-REACH™ is integrated into all Operator Services calls, regardless of whether the caller dials 0, 00, 0+, *XX, a Discount Operator access number or an alternate carrier number...I-REACH™ is available at the moment each call is placed...each and every time! I-Reach™ is working for PSPs, day and night, 365 days a year. Our mission has always been simple…to earn you more money from all your Coin, OSP and Dial Around calls!

“Change, You Can Actually Count!”™

I-REACH also allows collect calls to be connected to virtually every country in the world, which increases the number of completed calls earning you more commissions.